How we do one action is how we do every action.

One thing or action or movement done artfully and with the right intention can be a perfect action and can lead to Yoga or Flow or Union with the present moment. There are many ways  to express in words that feeling of being completely immersed in something, coming from a place of Being rather then just moving or acting on auto-pilot. You could get into this place of Being with any action done with mindful awareness be it Yoga, drawing, crotchet, (https://www.ramdass.org/i-crochet/ check out a story from Ram Dass here on that exact subject of crochet!) dancing, running, dancing, even washing the dishes, if done with the right intention, can be a creative action!

creative action

Showing up for our practice (or Sadhana) day after day with reverence and curiosity allows us to notice the shifting patterns of our lives. Showing up everyday can be tedious and sometimes even feel boring. Sometimes we wonder why we bother but the reward of a long term consistent practice is the ability to distinguish between our own true nature and the changing patterns that make up our body, mind and emotions.

Our experience on the mat can showcase how we live off the mat. Do we rush our breath? Do we always move as quickly as we can to the peak of the pose? Do we allow ourselves to settle into postures moving with awareness or are we always thinking of where we are going next?

create yourself

With these small insights we can begin to live with more awareness, allowing our movements and actions on the mat to become more mindful and creative and that also ripples out to our daily lives. Our lives off the mat, our interactions with others, how we live and create our thoughts, words and ultimately our actions which create our reality.

Until next time, keep creating x